Faith Community Nursing

Frances Stroh RN, MA, FCN

Our Mission / Counseling, Caring, Education, Information


Our mission is to provide counseling, education, information and genuine loving care that will lead to Inner Peace and Healing of the Whole person. Parish Nursing involves learning to become aware of inner and outer needs in order to care for the true self who is a child of God. With Loving thought, we embrace all who touch our life. We keep each person close in the sanctity of this present moment and pray with thankful appreciation for the blessings that we share. We are thankfulf for God's Holy Spirit of Love that unites us heart to heart in this mission of healing. We share a connection in this Spirit that is eternal. This is a sacred bond that makes our life complete. 

Parish Nurse Interventions

Faith Communities including churches and synagogues have become more aware of the importance  of keeping people well. Most illnesses begin slowly and are related to stress in our life.  Illness is related to our way of perceiving life situations. Our philosophy of life, spirituality and religious beliefs greatly influence the status of our health and wellness. Based on this fact, integrating religious institutions into the health care system is of great importance in preventive medicine and facilitating the healing process.

Parish Nurse or Faith Community Nurse Interventions Include:

Health Education, Spiritual Support, Emotional Support, Stress Management, Caregiver Support, Facilitate Grief Work, Coping Enhancement, Counseling, Health System Guidance, Health Screening, Consultation, Support Groups, Teaching Disease Process, Referral, Family Support, Exercise Promotion, Vital Signs Monitoring, Self Esteem Enhancement, Nutrition Counseling, Teaching Prescribed Medication and treatment, Environmental Safety Management, Facilitate Spiritual Growth, Religious Ritual Enhancement, Facilitate Forgiveness, Spiritual Support, Facilitate Spiritual Growth, Prayer, Meditation.





Frances Stroh RN, MA, FCN is a Registered nurse who has implemented Wholistic nursing techniques to help patients in dealing with the pain associated with mental and physical illness for more than 25 years. She has worked with patients confronted with serious illness both physical and mental.

Writing and recording meditative imagery for general health, behavior modification, teaching and implementing Stress Management techniques including Biofeedback, Imagery and various methods of mind/body self-regulation techniques has been her focus for more than twenty years. Currently she is a Parish Nurse at Our Savior Lutheran Church and a Pastoral Care Volunteer at Indian River Medical Center in Vero Beach, Florida.